Spam FIltering on Mac OSX
Fact 1
When people buy off spam email they spam MORE!
Fact 2
Spam affects everyone - Apple & Microsoft a like
Fact 3
OSX Apple Mail has a built in spam filter that is trainable
Spam Filter Effectiveness (click)
I researched a LOT & everyone was raving about SPAMSIEVE or is that SPAMSEIVE spam filter. It has glowing reports online.

I downloaded the trial & followed the instructions. I trained it & re-trained it 5 times a day I was training it. After 29 days of training I was still getting regular spam of about 10 a day.

Now that is a BIG reduction (from about 200) but not big enough to warrant the $30 and all the continual training. After all that training it should get most of it.

I never purchased Spam sieve and instead changed my settings on SPAM ASSASSIN. I simply adjusted the score on Spam assassin to 2.5 (from standard value 5). I turned on OSX Mails junk filter & made a rule to move the spam assassin marked email to a spam filter. The result?

AMAZING I only get ONE spam message a day! Instantly. Spam Assassin is configurable & can be made much more effective - but for now this is fine - it is only one spam message that is getting through so apples mail will catch that when I train it.

Easy FREE and effective!

UPDATE: Two weeks on - I have had less than 5 spam emails (I think only 2 but put five just in case) and one false positive. This means that one message that was not spam was marked that it was spam. This is terrible - except that Apple mail learns that when you mark something as not spam it isn't so next time it doesn't do the same thing - and this has been true as the same person re-emailed me and it was not marked as spam. GREAT!

For those who have asked - SPAM ASSASSIN is a web server instal if you have your own web sites contact your web server - or if you Have CPANELX log in - go to the Email section & lick Spam Assassin. It will cover EVERY email address you have from all your web sites ( I have about 80 and growing).
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