I was running 3 businesses and personal from a Windows laptop - a Dell Inspiron 9300. It was having trouble keeping up and a lot of the software I needed was being updated to only work on XP or Vista. I was running WIndows 2000 Pro. It was relatively stable. Sure I got viruses & had dramas. Restarting was normally every second day. I never allowed the thing to sleep as that would cause dramas. Occasionally the machine would stop as Outlook did something to my 45000+ emails. 10 minutes later I would be able to continue. It was as good as it got & I didn't think too much of it.

But what of Vista? I had only had bad experience with XP pro - now Vista was getting terrible rap from everybody. I decided that I would update my machine & software - but only to XP pro as it was meant to be more stable.

Well after 10 days of reinstalling & getting everything 'working' I was out of options. XP was TERRIBLE. Crashes galore. So I had to either buy 2 -3 computers for different tasks - or try Apple. I had put this off for years as I thought that I would have NO CHANCE of running the 70+ applications I needed on apple. They wouldn't work & it was just too big a change. I do wedding photography so that side I thought might be ok but everything else? Running Websites, Accounting, Spreadsheets, Sales, Invoicing, Logo design, Leaflet & Advertising, Importing / Exporting with Customs, Communication with Australian Tax Office etc etc etc

I had always viewed Mac users as CULT members - with no basis in reality. What they said seemed too good to be true.

But I had no option so bought a 17" MacBook Pro to try. Really this was a last ditch effort before buying desktop machines. I had no hope that it would work. Well right from the word go I was impressed. EVERYTHING was so well designed it was impressive. Back lit keys on the keyboard?! Wow. A power charge cord that was magnetic & avoided damage to the laptop? Wow. 2 & 3 finger gestures on the trackpad? Wow I had ALWAYS used a mouse until now.

But could it cope? It took me a while to find the software & work out HOW things happened with Apple. Things I wanted to do would go like this:

How do I do it? hmmm can't figure it out in the menus etc. Search online. There would be a write up that was 3 sentences long. DO this...click. ????? What - no it CAN'T be that simple. It was - everytime. Another thing I found very quickly was that the HELP in Apple - actually works. Windows helps are worthless in my experience so had to re-train myself to look there. Finding files is SIMPLE - again I always avoided the windows search that took forever AND was pathetic. But with Apple searches were right there - VERY fast and very accurate.

I bought Office for Mac etc - but once I had tried the Mail, Calendar & Contacts that comes with the Mac - I sold the MS software again. It was amazing. All these features & stability FOR FREE!? It did take me a while to work out how to import my 65000+ emails to Mac...but once I discovered a small $10 application it was VERY fast & simple.

I have now moved 4 other people to Mac and t is SO easy! Any software that you can't find for Mac (I doubt you will have this problem as there is STACKS available) will run on the Mac with VMware or Parrallels. Yes it is true Windows is FASTER AND MORE STABLE ON A MAC!!

After 2 months I couldn't believe how much faster everything was. I had ONE crash - while doing the wrong thing & importing TWO lots of 65,000 emails at the same time. The crash? It said error & then RESTARTED THE MAIL APP within 2 seconds & I was on my way again. THAT was a CRASH?? More like a bump in the road!

How would I describe going from Windows to Mac?

It's like being put in the back seat of a Lamborghini...and being told to drive. To start with you use sticks to try to reach the pedals & it feels clumsy. Maybe you reach over or around the front seat? But you start to realize there is a virtual drivers seat right here in the back. It has all the conrtols you need and more - in a easy to access format. It is designed for speed & stability - and has it's own crash oversion system. In case you somehow do something totally sillly deliberating trying to crash it...there is a crash recovery system so you barely notice the 'crash'. The car goes faster, is safer, easier to use, looks better and costs more.

The benefits FAR out-weighed the extra cost for me - I save STACKS of time each day and STILL love getting on the computer - a far cry from my Windows experience.

I recently decided to try a iMac 24"...a big desktop Mac. You know I pressed about 4 keys & left it for 3 hours. EVERYTHING was installed in one hit on the new machine. Contacts, emails, software, bookmarks, passwords, files EVERYTHING. Not 10 days of head stress. 4 minutes & then some time with the kids. TIME MACHINE is incredible and FREE on the Software included with Mac!

I now have a Mac Pro with 30" HD Cinema Display - simply superb. I may however go back to the single Mac Book Pro as this was sufficent - it would easily power the 30" display anyway.

Any Regrets - actually yes one - that I didn't do this 10 years ago!

Any 'issues' I had moving from MS I found there was a way to change things, an add on, a hack or a trick to keep me moving while I got used to everything. HIGHLY customizable I am still impressed & although I don't know that much of the advanced tips & tricks I am happy to say that I don't have any idea about how to remove viruses or spyware etc. Yes I run a free virus scanner now just in case - but it is free, small and doesn't slow anything down. I get thousands of emails each week & with MS even with email scanners & blockers etc I STILL got viruses and they were a nightmare. But for 6 months I have had NO FILTERS OR VIRUS SOFTWARE. I just downloaded a free one as I wanted tot test it & never bothered removing it. Oh how do you remove a program from Mack? Easy just drag the icon into the bin. That's it :)

I will be including some tips to help:
Fact 1
Facts are Fun! - and useful! But knowledge is much more than facts.
Fact 2
Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how ot do it, and Virtue is doing it - David Starr Jordan
Fact 3
Absolute knowledge is impossible for humans but absolute truth is available.
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Nothing bound by space, time or matter can know everything. To know everything you would have to know how many hairs on every animal through all time, which animal each grain of sand came from and where the oxygen molecules in every drop of water originated. Absolute knowledge (omniscience) is something reserved for the Creator!

Absolute Truth though is something even a child can
know. For instance - you could teach a child over & over that an electric iron is hot. They may learn it by memory but still not know it. When the child is 30 - there is a chance that you could argue them with scientific facts & diagrams that they had been taught wrongly & that the iron was actually cold.
BUT - what if that child had one day reached out & touched the iron. His skin melted & stuck to the iron & the pain was intense? No matter how much time or convincing arguments - that person would
know that the iron was hot!

What has that got to do with anything? Well only that I think it is about time you reached out & touched the iron! Is God real? stop beating around the bush & find out for yourself. Not intellectual knowledge but get burnt &
Want 2 b FREE?

you don't have to always chase...you can find what your true self is
really looking for.

You want (crave) something because you are missing something or trying to avoid something.

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Life will never be fulfilling - it will always be empty - until you discover the reason why you were Created. Sure you can get a small fix from what you are looking for - but it doesn't last and leaves you wanting more. You need to be freed from this meaningless life.

Only God can free you. Don't switch off now - I'm not talking religion or some silly chant...but the most profound truth you can realize. You were
designed to be close with God. The One True God - Jesus!. Until you are at one with Him you will be empty, addicted, hopeless and condemned.

Believe it or not you are already on a journey with Jesus! The fact that you are here proves that. It is not coincidence or luck or google that is responsible but God. He loves you & wants you to be free & wants to be your friend, protector, father and wants to save you from a place you probably don't think exists.

He knows what makes you tick, what pains & hurts you have suffered and what is just around the corner.

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