How to copy DVDs on Mac OSX. Ripping & Burning can be done by free software with many options and in high quality.
Fact 1
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The Procedure (click)

1) Use Mac the Ripper - this creates a VIDEO_TS folder with a couple of files in it. (filename.VOB, filename.BUP, Filename.IFO etc). I use the setting "chapter set" as I am copying teaching DVDs.

2) Use DVD Imager to create a Disk Image from the Video_TS folder.

3) Use the DISK UTILITY included with OS X (in the utilities folder) to burn the .img to disk.

THAT'S IT! All 3 programs are free for Mac users.

Apparently Burnz is only $10 to use in place of step 2 & 3 - I haven't tried that yet but probably will.

If your Video_TS file is Larger than 4.7GB you will need to make it smaller before using step 2 & 3
DVD2ONEx seems to be the best option for this - I think it burns to disk as well.

You can convert the Video TS to iphone / ipod / etc with HandBrake (another freebie)

There are many commercial Applications (Popcorn, Toast, Iskysoft, Aimersoft etc) too - I tried the big bundle from Aimersoft & had NOTHING BUT DRAMAS & then their support refused a refund - wasted $109 and a stack of time. Then discovered the free solution above works exactly as I needed!

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