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Ok two questions if a trap is designed - a) who is the designer of the trap? b) why do they want to limit your freedom?

Let's answer as if the Bible were true. Give me the benefit of the doubt just for two minutes - I can prove the Bible is reliable but just for now let's just assume...
Who is the designer of the trap?
You were designed to have total fulfillment, to experience true & unconditional love, to be accepted & affirmed, to be significant & important in this world. The one who made you knows the only way you can experience any of this... Being one with Him. That means being joined to Him.

So what's the problem? Basically it is sin. Sounds simple but it is a big one. See sin - not just anybodies, this is about your sin, cuts you off from the one who made you (God). So now it is impossible for you to feel all those things you were designed for. In fact you will now normally experience, pain, hurt, rejection, sadness etc in this world because of sin instead of the enjoyable things you were designed for..

The Result? Simply that you hunger & search for the very same feelings you were designed for - but - because of your sin you are blinded to God. He is the only one who can give you genuine fulfilment but you can't see Him. You are blinded to Him and you don't know where to look (why would you want to anyway!) so there is a void even a niche for a trap.

Like a scam targets the unsuspecting (a fool and his money are easily parted!) with a niche - there is one who will use the inner desires of your heart (although unknown to you) to try to trap you. His name is satan and he is more real than you probably know. Don't stop reading here - I'm no wacko this is real!
Why do they want to limit my freedom?
You have an enemy his name is satan. He wants to destroy your soul. Now honestly answer this question. If you knew this was his intention would you go with him? "my names satan I hate you & everything about you. I want to kill you and torture you. You will be in pain & suffering if you follow me" Of course you wouldn't follow him would you?

So what's the problem? This isn't what satan does! He has a better plan, something cunning - a trap. Something that looks good but limits your freedom and then leads you to death. If he can fool you into thinking that certain things are a good replacement for the true feelings you were designed for - you will never look for God. You will never discover true fulfillment you were Created for. You will fill your life following false highs.

The Result? The end result is death. Sure we all die physically - but there is a coming day where time will stop as abruptly as it started. That is when Jesus comes back & He will judge in righteousness every person according to what they have done. Now this can be a day where you walk free - go onto the fullness of being oine with God for eternity or it can be a terrible day where you are eternally seperated from God. Hell. Torment.

If satan can trap you enough that you don't discover the way to being in the first Heavenly group - then he wins the battle for your soul. Jesus paid the price but ultimately you allowed satan to steal your prize and you will suffer the consequences in this life and the next!

The JACK TRAP ends in Death
Not just a physical death - and maybe not the same as mr Jack Daniels himself but a much worse kind of death...

Many people go through their lives attracted to many types of activity. The activity feels good for a while. In fact sometimes it feels great. But after a while it develops into a cycle - a trap. Your may be alcohol (if you're reading this page) or many other things (ie sex, religion, porn, drugs, money, business, helping others etc etc) - but whatever it is the trap is still the same. To keep you away from discovering the most important thing on this planet - your Maker.

The result of this trap is death - not just physical death but eternal death. Very bad.

But the GOOD NEWS is that you can be free! Free from death and free to be one with God!

What has this got to do with addictions or the trap? Easy - you can be free from the trap too! You can experience the power of Jesus Christ for yourself here & now on this planet in your situation. This is NOT about some religion - but about you interacting with your Creator for yourself.

See it's not about trying to be a good person, about trying harder or giving up your precious JD.

What? If you're a religious person that statement upset you. Good. I'm not here to talk religion but to help people in genuine need. I'm here to tell the truth and the truth is religion sends people to hell. We can never earn our way to God (which is what religion teaches). God's Holy, we're not. We need Jesus. He is perfect, He is Holy & what He did covers us....

Back up back up sorry let's stay on track. Religious people will say something like give up drugs (and heaven forbid stop drinking Jacks) and come to church.... I would say BORING PATHETIC and MAGOO.

Jesus didn't say that either. In fact He hung around with 'sinners' and drunkards & glutons. his first miracle in the book of John was turning water into wine. I believe Jesus' approach was much different.

I would say - if you're addicted to a substance (say like well what shall we say JACK DANIELS?) that is the way you deal with life & it's issues. The pain & grind of life seems to be sucked away. If you just stop doing that activity then you are likely to become depressed, suicidal even.
How do I get to God? Simple! - come as you are. The way you are right now - go to Jesus. Still drinking Jack Daniels. Do you still believe (or act as though) Jack lives here? Doesn't matter. I didn't say go to church either (though He may lead you there eventually) but I said to Jesus. It's a private thing to start with. He's an invisible friend so to speak. He speaks through the Bible but we'll get to that in a minute. Just develop a relationship with Jesus as if your life depends on it (because it does!)

Keep doing what you're doing until you know He's real & you know Jesus wants you to stop. Then He will help you. Many churches are full of people trying in their own strength to be better people without the help of God! Sure their motives are good but lets face it the path to hell is lined with people who have good motives...

See Jesus promises to lead you (if you search) into all truth. Those who are religious will want to make sure you go to their church, follow their way etc etc but Jesus promises to lead you by the Holy Spirit through the words of the Bible.

You don't need to tell anyone. You don't need to go anywhere - heck I'll even give you a Bible. But right now before anything else why don't you start this amazing journey? What's to stop you?

How? Talk to Jesus - in your own words right now wherever you are. You have nothing to loose & everything to gain! Tell Him your fears, what you want, how you feel - ask Him if He is there. Ask Him to show you & to lead you. He will. How & When is another story - you are individual & He cares for you uniquely & specifically. He will show you in the right way at the right time - but don't stop searching!

Here's a sample prayer but you say what you like in your own words (my first prayer contained lots of swearing & a statement about how I didn't believe god was real & if He was I hated him for the bad stuff that had happened to me!). "God if you're there & you care for me please let me know. Show me the truth & help me with .......................... If you are real & you show me I will follow you. You can have my life & my soul.

The theology here - hang on for the big words - Jesus died for you so your sins could be forgiven. Once you accepted the fact that you have sinned (see here if you think you haven't!!) and ask forgiveness (not because you deserve it or because God doesn't care about sin - but because Jesus was tortured & murdered on your behalf. He paid the price for you.) the communication lines between you are open.

But what if you don't believe all of this? - Meet Jesus. All through the Bible Jesus approached people who were honest searchers of the truth. Most of them were doing bad things - sinning, drinking, rooting etc etc (only the occasional religious person discovered the truth). Jesus revealed Himself to them before they believed - but they were open to God. .

What about rules? Ok more religion bashing. The Ten Commandments are a good place to start. Many think that the big 10 are rules for being good in Gods sight. Nope - Romans 3:23 says all have sinned. The law is useless in making us pure - in fact it does just the opposite! What about 'God's Moral Code' well they can be used for that but the Bible says that the pupose of the law was to show people their sin. ie you go through the Ten Commandments & realize - boy I'm a sinner! I need Jesus - the law achieved it's purpose! Try for yourself here.

Another thing you can stop religious arguements is this. The 10 Commandments were given to a specific group of people. the Israelites after the their amazing & miraculous deliverance from Egypt. Now when God gave them on mount sinai (which has now been found by the way) He said something very important first. "Now that I have rescued you from Egypt..." Then He launches into the big 10. Now if The Lord has rescued you from your Egypt (ie bondage, addiction, pain, sin etc) and you know that it is God who rescued you then you can take the words of the Ten Commandments and try to follow them by His power & in His grace. But until then they are useless as rules because we can't keep em on our own & they leave us condemned.

Don't get too carried away folks - I'm not going to try to say that just coz Jesus' first miracle was the great party trick of turning water into wine we can keep drinking once we know the truth....ONCE WE KNOW THE TRUTH the Truth will set us free. He brings us out of the world. Helps us clean up our lives. Delivers us. Purifies us. Transforms Us. Sanctifies us. This is a continual growth & process that does not rely on us being good - but on what?
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Believe it or not you are already on a journey with Jesus! The fact that you are here proves that. It is not coincidence or luck or google that is responsible but God. He loves you & wants you to be free & wants to be your friend, protector, father and wants to save you from a place you probably don't think exists.

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