JACK lives here

no no! not any more Jack is dead! WHAT?

You can't be serious! If you are a Jack Daniels sour mash whisky fan (I once was – BIG TIME) you might not be aware - but the ‘Jack lives here’ sticker is a lie...

Jack Daniels is actually dead. Pushing up daisies... HOW DID JACK DIE??
How did Jack Daniel's Die?
Did you know - Jack Daniels had a terrible memory (funny that!) and occasionally (or was that regularly?) forgot the combination of his safe. One day he became so angry because he couldn't remember the code that he kicked the safe.

He contracted gangrene in his toe & died. Did this fermented corn (filterd through sugar ash charcoal) drink contribute to early physical death?

Is this true? YES - it's funny in a way but ever so sad... What sort of person would give away soooo much just because he got a bit angry? Let's look at this logically

What JACK threw away:

He could have a drink of Jacks WHENEVER He wanted :)
He wouldn't be drinking retail Jacks either...but probably 20 year old stuff!
He had a huge company & many people working for him male and female
He had enough money to own a safe
He might have even been good looking!

He had a bad temper
Couldn't control His anger
It seems the money, success, grog (& maybe women) didn't do it for Him - was He missing something??
What was Jack Missing?
I reckon He WAS missing something - but either way Jack is dead! Sure his company still exists - producing that stenchy liquid - but now I know that their product stuffs you worse than what mr JD himself experienced...

I mean COME ON - If Jack is dead what hope do we have???.

It's ok ok - come on settle down. Now we'll get through this!

We're told that Jesus is alive - doesn't that help? lol

No? why not? Coz Jesus doesn't get you off your face? Jesus is no fun.... Well...since I met Jesus - I don't need Jacks (or any other substance for that matter!) - I don't need to be off my face at all - and I have more fun than before!

In fact I can face real life now it's even more of a rush!! I don't want to be off my face anymore - and life can be much better (and hard at times but it's always REAL) - See Jesus brings life - JESUS really is alive... but probably not in the way you are thinking or what you have heard before. Read on if you dare.... (warning religious people might be offended)

You think you have life now - what partying, getting blind, rooting etc? What happens when everyones gone home & the feelings are gone? You're lonely, bored, hung over, itching. See the substances & activities don't bring life - they bring death - just ask Jack Daniels! I know from experience. I had all these things - as much as I wanted...but it's never enough. I sold lots to other people & so saw all around me that the substances I & they relied on just don't do much at all towards making a soul truly happy. I always wanted more - it's a thirst that can NOT be quenched...

Try life straight - but that's impossible without the life that Jesus brings....

Jesus Threw Jack Out!

poor Jack He He!

You might be thinking "whataload" - that's cool I did too! Seriously I was a full blown alco (and addict) so read below to find out what happened!

A FEW YEARS AGO - I was dealing, stealing, cheating, using, drinking etc etc...I used to home brew 400L of 12% alc beer at a time & keg setups were strewn throughout my pub-house. Beer was my life (and when I had the $$ so was Jack Daniels especially the single barrel).
I had everything you could want - and I mean everything.

If I wanted anything I either worked for it or stole it. And when I got it - it felt good - at least for a little while... Then after a short time I didn't care for it & wanted something else...it was a cycle. It was all meaningless - I was trapped (but didn't know it!).Even the rush of stealing was a trap.

I used alcohol (and drugs & women) for my heightened pleasure. In fact there was very few nights that I didn't indulge in all three - but at very least I would drink myself into a stupor that I called sleep. You might not be as bad as that... you may consider yourself a social drinker, a user or an addict - either way there is a similar connection.

See drugs (including the socially acceptable types like pain killers, coffee, alcohol, smoking etc) alter our brain waves. They affect (or change) our thoughts, hopes and responses. They are a trap. A trap is a device designed to limit the freedom of someone / something.

NOW I can tell you first hand that although you may be under the death curse or trap of Jacks (or any other addiction) - there is a way out. Now my life is much more fulfilling. I'm married have two sons, a daughter and another baby on the way - I'm experiencing the reality of relationship not the fake root & run flings that are so shallow. I haven't drank in years and drugs are a thing of the past. I'm not trying to paint a pretty picture here - it's not all rosy & carefree - BUT it's real and very powerful.
I don't WANT to drink or drug! I don't HAVE to either!

Now you may think boring but like I said you're trapped in your thinking - the activituies you indulge in do not bring fun, fulfilment or life...I too would have said "get stuffed" to a life involving marriage and kids...BUT only because I wasn't able to experience it properly. My THOUGHTS were warped due to my own bad experiences when growing up.

Fulfillment will never come the way you are living now - you're only EEEKING your way through life. Grow up & start LIVING.... but not alone - Read on!

We talked about the fact that there is a TRAP of addiction...and a trap is always designed to target the victim (in this case you).

Ok two questions if a trap is designed - a) who is the designer of the trap? b) why do 'they' want to limit your freedom?

For the answers click the Link Jacks Trap!
Jacks Facts

Jack Daniels Whisky is not allowed to be sold in Tennessee (where it is made)!

JD's is not sold in some country pubs due to the violent reaction some people have with it over other alcohol.

Jack Daniels Sour Mash Whisky is filtered through charcoal made from bundles of sugar ash.
Want 2 b FREE?

you don't have to always chase...you can find what your true self is
really looking for.

You want (crave) something because you are missing something or trying to avoid something.

Are you lonely, scared, in pain, bored?

What you
really need is below.
Life will never be fulfilling - it will always be empty - until you discover the reason why you were Created. Sure you can get a small fix from what you are looking for - but it doesn't last and leaves you wanting more. You need to be freed from this meaningless life.

Only God can free you. Don't switch off now - I'm not talking religion or some silly chant...but the most profound truth you can realize. You were
designed to be close with God. The One True God - Jesus!. Until you are at one with Him you will be empty, addicted, hopeless and condemned.

Believe it or not you are already on a journey with Jesus! The fact that you are here proves that. It is not coincidence or luck or google that is responsible but God. He loves you & wants you to be free & wants to be your friend, protector, father and wants to save you from a place you probably don't think exists.

He knows what makes you tick, what pains & hurts you have suffered and what is just around the corner.

But don't take my word for it - click
HERE to continue on your journey and allow Jesus to convince you beyond doubt of His power & love for you.