The lure of the bargain keps many hooked...

After many years and thousands of item bought & sold I have had a lot of contact with eBay. more than most with the same volume! People in general do not like the message I am promoting here so they report me often. ebay don't like the message either so they have cancelled hundreds (maybe thousands) of my listinsg - I have been suspended, cancelled and even been on 'probation' (or 'rehab'!!) a couple of times. This means I have been in contact with ebay employees a lot via email & instand chat. Being on probation I even had to phone my 'parole officer' (Jackson) on a regular basis (yes ebay does have a phone!). With all this contact one things has stood out - in a word - inpersonal.

That is until the other day. I went to pay my account that I thought was way too high (the fees are not worth the return but this is not the place for that rant!). I couldn't find evidence that ebay had refunded me all the fee credits so went to email them. You know how hard that is - so i decided to use the chat function instead. After the normal few mnute wait I was connected to 'Stan P'.

I must say that this emplyee blew me away. Did I get connected to the wrong company? Friendly - polite - real! So much so that I asked him if it were a new 'push' by eBay. I have seen many of their canned responses to hundreds of emails & this was like a red light at night! No he laughed I am from Trust & Safety just lurking around for a while. For those of you who don't know trust & safety is the department that handles a lot of the issues that crop up on eBay. In fact the same department where Jackson (my eBay 'parole' officer!) works. He too was fairly friendly given the situation (I was being threatened with cancelation unless I changed my eBay username from 'i love bad feedback').

So anyway - the company without a face (or a phone!) actually does employ real people! Thanks Stan!

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to say that Stan was a Good Man (sorry Stan!) - I'm sure if he took this GOOD TEST - he would fail...but that's no reason to bail everyone who does that will fail!

Fact 1
eBay is religious & has their own set of beliefs!
Fact 2
eBay is addictive and you can end up paying a LOT more
Fact 3
eBay harbor a lot of criminal activity
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Nothing bound by space, time or matter can know everything. To know everything you would have to know how many hairs on every animal through all time, which animal each grain of sand came from and where the oxygen molecules in every drop of water originated. Absolute knowledge (omniscience) is something reserved for the Creator!

Absolute Truth though is something even a child can
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BUT - what if that child had one day reached out & touched the iron. His skin melted & stuck to the iron & the pain was intense? No matter how much time or convincing arguments - that person would
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What has that got to do with anything? Well only that I think it is about time you reached out & touched the iron! Is God real? stop beating around the bush & find out for yourself. Not intellectual knowledge but get burnt &
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