Yes - Coffee is a drug - it makes you feel different, affects your mood, is addictive and has many, many harmful characteristics!
Fact 1
Coffee contains 1000 chemicals. Only 26 of these have been tested - of those 13 caused cancer in rats! Not only is caffeine a carcinogen, but coffee contains many other harmful ones from the high heat of roasting - like creosote, pymdine, tars and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
It has been shown to increase the risk of
cancers in the pancreas, ovaries, bladder and kidneys.
Fact 2
Coffee contains Phenol compounds that make it harder for your body to absorb iron (especially bad for pregnant women). Caffeine crosses the placenta and can not be processed by the unborn baby. Just 2 cups a day increases the risk of miscarriage. 3 Cups raises the heart & breathing rates and causes lack of sleep and irritability in babies for days after birth! This vital period for your child can be severely affected by this cocktail of chemicals.

A higher level of caffeine in animals has shown premature birth, delivery complications, low birth weight and birth defects. Human studies have shown an increase in the rate of miscarriages, stillbirths, breech births and low birth weight.

Pregnant women metabolize caffeine 3 times slower than non-pregnant women.

Fact 3
Coffee raises the adrenaline level in your body, heavy coffee drinking can cause a state of adrenal gland exhaustion. This can lead to a host of problems like weakened immune response, anxiety and panic attacks. This adrenalin 'rush' can be a trigger for a recovering drug addict / alcoholic to go on a binge.

It is also a
diuretic making it easier for you to become dehydrated and contributes to heartburn by stimulating the secretion of stomach acid. It also increases blood pressure increasing the risk of stroke and can make expensive medications useless.
It is the leading cause of lack of sleep, coffee drinkers being much more groggy and sleepy in the morning, causing them to
depend on coffee to get going.

Quitting coffee
cold turkey can have adverse affects including depression, anxiety, nausea, headaches and fatigue. Coffee also increases the symptoms of quitting smoking increasing your chances of failure.
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Coffee is a stimulant, increasing metabolism and heart rate and can cause headaches, insomnia, nervousness and migraines. For every high there is a lower low!
Are you addicted? No? That's what addicts say!
You just enjoy it? Addicts say that too!
You can stop anytime? hmm you really are starting to sound like your totally addicted!

So why are you drinking coffee? TIf you are addicted - your brain will make up all kinds of reasons & excuses as to why you
shouldn't quit - it's the same for most addicts of hard drugs.

When do you crave coffee? when bored? with other people? when you wake up? Think about this - you will find there is a pattern. Maybe you can't get going in the morning without it - maybe you feel nervous around people so coffee is a pick me up & crutch - get to the
root cause.

You see we all have parts of our mind that cause us to do things without our knowing. The
reasons behind these simple choices can expose our true state of being.

true self may be in pain, bored, anxious, stressed, lonely, depressed etc and you don't even know - you just keep doing things to avoid it.


If so - you're not alone & probably never knew!
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